The e-book, Pseudocolor in Pure and Applied Mathematics, has been moved here.

The Structure of the Genetic Code is being written here.  This second e-book includes SAGC: Search for an Alternative Genetic Code.


YOUVAN Inc. is in formation as of 1/2/2015.  The company writes software in Mathematica for special uses in genomics.  Several algorithms have been developed as part of SAGC to detect DNA sequences that are translated by a genetic code that has major alterations.  We predict that if an alternative code exists and it preserves the hydropathy features of Complementary Proteins, then the most likely changes will involve the assignment of amino acid residues to the codon's second position A/T.  In our "Universal" code, 2nd position A codes for hydrophilic residues while T codes for hydrophobic residues.  This assignment could change and preserve the overall hydropathy features of the code if it changed the assignment of hydrophilic / hydrophobic residues from second position A/T to T/A, G/C, or C/G.

While working on these algorithms and code, YOUVAN Inc. found a short-cut solution in linear algebra for the technique of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD).  This short-cut method was dubbed "Youvan's Inverse" or YI on Wikipedia, and it was found equal to the SVD solution of a rectangular matrix if the rows of the matrix were a complete set of the elements of a Tuple.  The digital representation of the genetic code happens to be a Tuple of A, C, G, T.

YOUVAN Inc. is active in building distributed computers running genomics code in Mathematica.  The source code is open to our clients, and it is written in an expansive style.  Thus it facilitates computation experiments in genomics at a research level in both molecular biology and mathematics.

Douglas Youvan / January 2, 2015 / / 620-875-0108